Joint Eastern and Central Branch Open Plan Offices: advances in acoustic design, Jack Harvie-Clark, Apex Acoustics Wednesday 8 July 2020 3pm
Joint Eastern and Central Branch Meeting
Open plan offices: advances in acoustic design
Jack Harvie-Clark
Wednesday 8 July 2020

Office use has never changed as fast as now. Offices went from full to empty overnight, and now people are contemplating the return to the office. But for many, it won’t be the same environment as it was.

Previously, in the old world, “noise” in open plan offices is typically among the main issues of complaints according to Leesman research. As acousticians we can help enable work places to meet the operational and wellbeing needs of the people who work there, so that they can function effectively. But the guidance on how to do this has been emerging in different forms across the world over recent years.

This presentation will look at the guidance in International Standards (ISO 3382-3) for the acoustic design of open plan offices. The forthcoming ISO/DIS 22955, currently at draft stage and due for publication in autumn 2020, is entitled “Acoustic quality of open office spaces”. This new standard advances an approach for acoustic design that incorporates the multi-award winning Apex Method for acoustic design in activity-based working offices.

The new methods show how we can go beyond simply considering the acoustics of the room, and start thinking about the activities of the people in the office creates the acoustic environment. Different activities and different people have different acoustic needs - how can these be met most effectively and efficiently? This is an exciting and fast-changing area for acoustic design, and acoustic considerations are rapidly gaining the importance that they have for occupants of open plan offices.

The current circumstances both present and necessitate an opportunity to rethink how we use offices. How can we make the most of this opportunity, as acousticians, to help create better working conditions for office workers?

This presentation will be technical at times but will be accessible to people who are not acousticians.

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08 July 2020

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