Early Careers Group Webinar Mapping the Sounds of Our Universe: Simulated examples of natural phenomena 19 April 2021 at 5.30PM
Early Careers Group Webinar
Mapping the Sounds of Our Universe: Simulated examples of natural phenomena
19 April 2021
at 5.30PM

Join us as Dr Nikhil Banda talks about how the properties of different planets make everyday sounds seem very different.

The recent audio recordings from Mars, by the Perseverance rover, have renewed the public interest and research curiosity of the acoustics on alien environments. Propagation of acoustic signals in fluids other than air has been researched since early 1900s (including underwater acoustics), with strong commercial interests attached to it. However, the challenges of sound propagation on other planets requires considerations towards the individual planetary atmospheric composition, temperature, density, and speeds of sound variations.

This talk highlights the outcomes of the author’s research carried out at the ISVR, University of Southampton, based on the work by Prof. Tim Leighton & Prof. Paul White. The talk will explore the influences of environmental parameters on the acoustic propagation on planetary bodies Mars, Venus, and Titan, while highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of acoustics and to trigger discussions towards acoustics in challenging environments.


Dr Nikhil Banda is a Research Engineer in Underwater Acoustics at Seiche Ltd and previously a visiting research fellow at the University of Bath. He has strong experience in experimental and theoretical studies on acoustics. Nikhil started working with Seiche Ltd after completing a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with University of Bath on active acoustic detection of marine mammals. Prior to this, he completed a PhD at University of Southampton on ultrasonic propagation in cylindrical water streams. Nikhil has a Master’s degree in Mechanical Design from India, which led to his 2 year stint as a Design Manager at Tata Motors India Ltd. His current commercial work focuses on acoustic impact assessment on marine targets from anthropogenic noise sources (such as marine impact pile driving and seismic airgun, amongst others), propagation modelling, and active acoustic solutions.

Nikhil is actively involved with different networking groups such as the Underwater Sound Forum, the UK Acoustics Network, IOA, and the MSCC (as Chair of the Communications Working Group). Further, he coordinates and delivers Acoustics and Signal Processing course for Seiche Training.

Please note that this will be a recorded event.

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19 April 2021