Certificate of Competence in Building Acoustics Measurement

Certificate of Competence in Building Acoustics Measurement

This five-day course provides a basic knowledge of the methodology for measuring and reporting sound insulation and aspects of room acoustics, together with relevant provisions of key standards and guidance. There is an examination on the final day of the course.

Students take the certificate at an accredited centre. Usually attendance at the centre is required for the four days preceding the examination and on the examination day which includes a practical test.

Information on accredited centres and the syllabus is available through the links below please see Centre List pdf file below for contact details of our accredited centres.

For further information on the Institute's educational programme please contact educationatioa [dot] org [dot] uk

Examination Dates

Examination Date

19 April 2024


November 2024

Accredited Centre:

KP Acoustics Research Labs

For general enquiries about the course please email educationatkpacoustics [dot] com
Telephone: +44 (0) 2382 544 965

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