Jet Zero – IOA Response to Consultation on Net Zero Aviation

Jet Zero – IOA Response to Consultation on Net Zero Aviation

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Alex Shaida
Fri, 15/10/2021 - 10:57

During the summer UK government consulted on a strategy to reduce carbon emissions from aviation to net zero by 2050.

They asked for input on aspects of reducing emissions including system efficiencies, influencing consumers and non CO2 emissions. Overall the Institute welcomed the integrated nature of the intention of the strategy, which recognises that measures implemented to reduce CO2 emissions could affect the management of noise from aviation operations.

However, while noise impacts of aviation are acknowledged within the consultation, the Institute expressed huge disappointment that, having mentioned how noise impacts might also benefit from measures to reduce CO2 emissions, noise is not included in the list of non-CO2 impacts of aviation in the consultation.  

We responded urging Government to ensure full account is taken of noise impacts, included - citing the Government’s policy on noise as set out in the Noise Policy Statement for England (NPSE). This states at paragraph 2.7 – “the application of the NPSE should enable noise to be considered alongside other relevant issues and not to be considered in isolation”.  Policies to reduce CO2 emissions must be developed alongside consideration of the consequences of those policies on the effective management of noise from aviation.

A proposal to support consumers in making sustainable choices when booking flights, and reward parts of the aviation sector that move faster to decarbonise is supported. The Institute commented that the principle of providing environmental information at the time of booking could be expanded to include issues relating to noise, for example information about the comparative noise generated from the aircraft types. Information about the effect of flying at a particular time of day or night could have on those living under the flight paths would be also welcomed.

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