Chair: Dr Bob Peters FIOA

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The Education Committee is responsible for determining and managing the Institute’s education policy and developing and promoting acoustics, and acoustics-related education and training for members and others.

Central to the Committee’s work are the Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control and the three Certificate of Competence courses (i.e. Environmental Noise Measurement; Management of Occupational Exposure to Hand Arm Vibration; and Workplace Noise Risk Assessment). 

The Committee oversees the content, delivery and assessments of the above through the accreditation of centres delivering the courses; the appointment of examiners, the organisation of examinations; the preparation and moderation of all examination assessments; the moderation of the students’ assessed work; and the preparation and publication of examination results.

The Committee oversees the administration of the distance-learning study version of the Diploma, including the preparation of the study notes and the accreditation of the centre delivering the practical work programme. The majority of distance-learning students are from the UK but some are from overseas and currently students from Dubai and Hong Kong are on the program.

The Committee also works to create and validate training programmes to meet specific needs. An example would be “The Certificate of Proficiency in Anti-Social Behaviour (Scotland) Act 2004 - Noise Measurements” which is currently providing training for Local Authorities in Scotland.

The membership of the Education Committee

The Chairman of Education Committee is appointed by Council. 

The ex-officio Committee members are: the Institute’s President; the President Elect; the Education Manager; the Institute’s Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary; and (at its discretion) a representative of the Engineering Council.

In addition there are: the five chairmen* of the committees responsible for the Diploma programme, the three Certificates of Competence, the Diploma Distance Learning mode, plus the Diploma Project Examiner and the Senior Tutor for the Diploma Distance Learning mode. (* These appointments require ratification by Council.)

The IOA's Education Committee may invite up to six corporate members to achieve a representative balance between education, industry and consultancy.

Where specific, fixed term, tasks have been identified, Education Committee may co-opt up to three corporate members to fulfil those tasks.