Bursary Fund Application Form

Applications for the fund are temporarily suspended whilst we make some changes to the application process. 




The IOA Council has allocated £10,000 to the Bursary Fund in 2020, which it aims to use in both improving IOA member access to acoustics related training and activities and assist them in providing acoustics related STEM activities, where funding from other sources may be limited or unavailable.

We are inviting members of all grades to apply for grants, either as individuals or consortiums. The maximum award which will be granted per application is £1,000.  However, depending on available funds and specific cases, grants over £1,000 may also be considered. Examples of the types of activities for which we are inviting grant applications include, but not limited to:

Full or part-time course related to the field of acoustics (up to a maximum of 50% of the course cost);

Fees payable to the organiser of an acoustics-related short-term course, meeting, lecture or conference – either as an attendee or presenter;

Reasonable travel and subsistence costs to either attend or present at an acoustics-related short-term course, meeting, lecture or conference, and

Undertake activities to promote acoustics and the IOA in public forums, such as STEM activities in schools.

When preparing their applications, applicants should note that they are more likely to be successful in receiving a bursary from the fund if they can;

demonstrate how they, the IOA and wider acoustics industry will benefit from the activity they propose to undertake and,

how the funding will enable them to achieve this.

In the event of the value of applications exceeding the available funds, applicants should note that the priority to funding will be applied in the following order:

IOA Student Members

IOA Graduate Members

Applicant is classified as Young Member  - under age of 35 or in first 5 years of acoustics career

Application is for activities relating to STEM and will promote the work of the IOA

IOA member of any grade who is not employed in private or public sector in an acoustics role

Retired IOA members or those not currently in paid employment e.g. on career break

Application is for refresher course or retraining to enable return after career break or change to acoustics related career

If you wish to be considered for a grant from the fund, please complete the application form attached below. If you are applying as a consortium, please provide the information on page 1 of the application for each consortium members.   Please submit your completed application form by email to ioa@ioa.org.uk and no later than 5pm on Monday 6 April. Please include ‘IOA Bursary Fund Application’ in the email subject title.

Applications will be considered by the IOA Bursary Fund panel during April 2019, who will assign a score to each individual application based on what they demonstrate. Those that show that their activity will result in benefits across the acoustics industry are more likely to be successful in obtaining funding.

The applicants will be notified of the panel’s decision on their application by email no later than 30 April 2020. Where applications are unsuccessful, the applicant will be provided with the reasons for the panel’s decision, together with recommendations for resubmission if appropriate.