Measurement and Instrumentation Group Articles

Measurement and Instrumentation Group Articles

The mission of the M&I Group committee is to advance the science of measurement of both sound and vibration and to explain the instrumentation required to achieve this goal, not only to the IOA membership but the wider public as well.

The Group was formed in 1995 and the first general meeting was held in that October at the IOA Autumn Conference at Windermere.  In fact 4 of the original committee members remain on the committee.

All members of the committee, elected or co-opted, contribute to ensure a wide range of topics are covered, either through organizing regular one-day meetings or providing copy for the Instrumentation Corner in the Bulletin. Past subjects covered in the Instrumentation Corner have been transducers that convert sound or vibration into electrical signals for measuring instruments to provide the required parameters, for example environmental impact statements, health hazards, human comfort, agreeable living spaces and the design of machines that sound right.  Also covered have been calibration, uncertainty, statistics, frequency analysis and Standards for the instruments, measurement parameters and their evaluation.

You can download copies of these articles by clicking on the links below. If you have any suggestions for future articles, the committee would be pleased to consider them at their next meeting.


Instrumentation Corner articles which have appeared in the Acoustics Bulletin are attached below


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