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The University of Southampton holds an archive collection for the IOA including papers of the British Acoustical Society, Dr R. Stephens, Peter Parkin, (Philip) Hope Edward Bagenal, Hugh Creighton and Keith Rose. Following are information and links to each of the collections.

Dr Raymond Stephens and the British Acoustical Society

Dr Raymond W.B.Stephens (1902-90) was born in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, but spent most of his childhood in London. Stephens attended Imperial College, London, graduating in physics in 1924. The following year he was appointed a demonstrator in the Physics Department at Imperial College, an institution with which he was associated for the next forty five years.
He was a founder member of the Acoustics Group of the Physical Society, the British Society of Audiology and the British Acoustical Society, as well as first President of the Institute of Acoustics.
The archive includes: correspondence; papers relating to Dr Stephens’ university education and academic career at Chelsea Polytechnic and Imperial College, London; research papers; papers relating to the British Acoustical Society, 1965-74, and the Institute of Acoustics, 1982.

Peter Parkin

Peter Hubert Parkin had a long career in an advisory role at the Building Research Establishment. His formative concert experience was at the Royal Festival Hall in London. He was the co-author, with Henry Robert Humphreys, of Acoustics, Noise and Buildings (London, 1958).
Parkin’s papers relate to his work as an acoustic consultant on a variety of auditoria in the United Kingdom and one in the United States of America.

Philip Hope Edward Bagenal

Philip Hope Edward Bagenal (1888–1979), the architectural theorist and acoustician, was born in February 1888 in Dublin. Bagenal met the physicist Alex Wood and they published Planning for Good Acoustics (1931), one of the earliest standard texts on the subject.
In 1940, Bagenal joined the Building Research Station as a temporary scientific officer; he remained there until the end of the war. In the post-war years Bagenal divided time between his consultancy work, lecturing and writing. Among his most important acoustics projects were the Royal Festival Hall (1948–51), the Free Trade Hall, Manchester, and Fairfield Hall, Croydon.
In 1975 Bagenal was awarded an honorary fellowship of the Institute of Acoustics. He was married to Alison Mary Hogg (1892–1981). He died at Leaside in May 1979.

Hugh Creighton

The acoustician Hugh Creighton worked as consultant on wide range of projects within the UK, including for the Barbican Centre, London, as well as internationally.
His papers mainly focus on his consultancy work for his projects and include calculations, reports and technical drawings by Creighton. The collection also includes a small quantity of publications by Creighton on the design of buildings and on sound insulation and noise, 1951-88.

Keith Rose

Keith Rose worked as an acoustician, acting as an advisor for the BBC. He is the author of the BBC Guide to Acoustic Practice (1990).
His working papers contain articles and papers on acoustics generally, as well as for auditoriums, concert halls, theatres, cinemas, conference halls, churches and cathedrals; aircraft and transport noise; noise control; acoustics relating to broadcasting and television, including on the design of radio and television stations; sound insulation; vibration control in buildings.

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