Education & Training

We offer professionally recognised courses for those interested in working in any aspect of acoustics

Education & Training Courses

The Institute offers a range of professionally recognised courses for those interested working in any aspect of acoustics. They cover general principles and specific applications including building acoustics and the management, regulation and control of noise and vibration in the workplace and environment.

The Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control normally requires a year of (part-time) study, including coursework, written examinations and a project. Short specialist courses, normally requiring five days of study including practical training and examination, lead to Certificates of Competence.

COVID-19 update

The Government is clear that people should not be travelling, or meeting in large groups and we have to respect their guidance. Given that many of our certificate centres are closing anyway until further notice, we have decided to cancel all of Spring Certificate Course Exams. 

As far as possible, teaching and learning for the Diploma will be moving to an online format. 
Fortunately the laboratory schools have been held already. 
We are aware that many of the measurement components or other practical activities that may have been planned for Projects might have to be curtailed or abandoned. If this is the case, then we will adapt our expectations regarding Project content, conduct and Reports accordingly.

Also, it is clear that it will not be possible for the planned written paper examinations for the IOA Diploma (scheduled to be held in June 2020) to go ahead in their normal format. Instead, we are exploring possibilities for online examinations. Details will follow as soon as we have worked out a suitable format. 
These decisions have been taken in exceptionally challenging circumstances and we hope that you appreciate that they have not been taken lightly.
Meanwhile we hope you stay healthy.

(Prof.) Keith Attenborough, HonFIOA
Education Manager