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Why should I become a member?

Joining a professional body such as the Institute of Acoustics is a great way to get involved, make some useful contacts, give yourself the best professional opportunities and make an impact on your career.

The Institute of Acoustics has a fascinating and diverse membership working in a variety of research, educational, environmental, governmental and industrial organisations. Its members range from university students through qualified professionals in all disciplines to the still interested and involved retired community. The Institute is a very active professional body. We have nine specialist interest groups which organise meetings throughout the year and we also hold regional events organised through our Branch network.




Membership benefits

An internationally recognised professional qualification A route to achieving Chartered Engineer and Incorporated Engineer Status
Workshops, conferences and meetings on a wide range of acoustic related topics. High quality published Proceedings
Membership of an active Institute Nine Specialist Acoustic Interest Groups - Building Acoustics, Electroacoustics, Environmental Noise, Measurement and Instrumentation, Musical Acoustics, Noise and Vibration Engineering, Physical Acoustics, Speech and Underwater Acoustics.
The Acoustics Bulletin, published 6 times a year, covering technical issues and general articles on a wide range of acoustics from industry to academia Website listing - a reference and referral tool for potential clients
Access to a Register of Members Professional Development - providing encouragement and support
Local and national opportunities for networking Access to a wide range of technical information from a well-stocked library at the IOA
Preferential rates for delegate fees and proceedings Involvement in the development of the profession
Free access to Acta Acustica Technical reports/Codes of Practice/Publications
Access to a Professional Indemnity Scheme  

Who is eligible for membership?

There are several grades within the Institute and eligibility depends upon the qualifications and experience of the applicant.

In general the following requirements will be acceptable:

Recognised educational qualifications at a sufficient level from a wide variety of relevant disciplines.

Evidence that the candidate has been applying his or her knowledge to some branch of acoustics.

A period of relevant work experience in addition to the academic requirements.


Honorary Fellow Corporate By special invitation of the Council and is restricted to extremely distinguished individuals in the field of acoustics who have made an outstanding contribution to the art and science of acoustics.
Fellow Corporate The senior professional class, granted to those who have made significant contributions to the field in responsible acoustical work. In addition, the applicant must fulfil all the requirements for Corporate membership of the Institute as set out for the grade of Member below.
Member Corporate Open to persons who satisfy Council as being suitably qualified educationally and who have a minimum of three years experience of responsible work in acoustics.
Associate Member Non-Corporate Open to persons who satisfy Council as being suitably qualified educationally in acoustics or have an appropriate period of experience in acoustics in lieu of such qualification. This class of membership is aimed primarily at persons who have obtained the appropriate academic qualifications for the grade of Member but who do not (yet) have the relevant period of experience in the profession for the grade of Member.
Technician Member Non-Corporate Open to persons who have a suitable level of general education and who satisfy Council as being suitably qualified educationally in a limited field of acoustics with a minimum of one years experience of work in acoustics. This grade of membership is intended for practitioners working in a wide variety of areas who wish to be involved in the profession or to be able to access the services provided by the Institute but who are not yet able to qualify for Associate Member or Member grades.
Affiliate Non-Corporate Open to persons who satisfy Council that they have a serious interest or involvement in acoustics or a related discipline. No formal qualifications in acoustics are required.
Student Non-Corporate Open to people who are bona-fide students who are studying in the field of acoustic or are on acoustic related course
Sponsor Non-Corporate

Open to firms, organisations or individuals engaged in or having an interest in acoustics and whose support can advance the aims and objects of the Institute.

A sub-set of Sponsor member is the Institutional Subscriber which is a grade of membership directed primarily towards institutional departments, such as Local Authority Environmental Health Departments and educational establishments involved in acoustics, who wish to keep informed of the Institute's activities