National Planning Policy Framework for England revised

National Planning Policy Framework for England revised

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Alex Shaida
Wed, 21/07/2021 - 14:41


The Government has published a further revision to the English National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

In this latest version, whilst the substance of the references to noise remain unaltered, paragraph numbers in the document have changed.


These changes are as follows

1. Paragraph 170  which stated  - “Planning policies and decisions should contribute to and enhance the natural and local environment by:

(e) preventing new and existing development from contributing to, being put at unacceptable risk from, or being adversely affected by, unacceptable levels of .. noise pollution

is now found at Paragraph 174 (e)


2. Paragraph 180  which stated – “

Planning policies and decisions should also ensure that new development is appropriate for its location taking into account the likely effects (including cumulative effects) of pollution on health, living conditions and the natural environment, as well as the potential sensitivity of the site or the wider area to impacts that could arise from this development. In doing so they should:

a. mitigate and reduce to a minimum potential adverse impacts resulting from noise from new development – and avoid noise giving rise to significant adverse impacts on health and the quality of life;

b. identify and protect tranquil areas which have remained relatively undisturbed by noise and are prized for their recreational and amenity value for this reason;

is now found at Paragraph 185


3. Paragraph 182 which stated – “Planning policies and decisions should ensure that new development can be integrated effectively with existing businesses and community facilities (such as places of worship, pubs, music venues and sports clubs). Existing businesses and facilities should not have unreasonable restrictions placed on them as a result of development permitted after they were established. Where the operation of an existing business or community facility could have a significant adverse effect on new development (including changes of use) in its vicinity, the applicant (or ‘agent of change’) should be required to provide suitable mitigation before the development has been completed.”

Is now found at Paragraph 187


The revised NPPF can be found here: