“So, You Want to be an Engineer?” current engineers sought for inspiring Y12 pupils

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Alex Shaida
Thu, 04/06/2020 - 10:49


by: Katie Douglass  Director of Engineering & ICT Team Principal for Firefly Racing

I have a very keen group of Yr 12 pupils at my school  (St Paul's School, London) who have started a podcast called “So, You Want to be an Engineer?”. In it they want to interview people who actually work in Engineering to find out what their job entails and also students studying Engineering at university, to find out what different courses are like.  I have a long list of university students for them to interview, thanks to a lot of previous pupils who have gone on to do engineering, but I am struggling to find current engineers.

We currently have a few weeks of episode lined up for the podcast (which is about to release its first episode), but I need to try and find some more people for them to interview.

I wondered if you knew of anyone who might be interested in doing this? Interviews last about 20mins and can be done remotely (online).

If you can put me in contact with anyone, I would be very grateful.

Contact by email:  KNRD [at] stpaulsschool [dot] org [dot] uk