Council is the governing body of the Institute and meets four times a year. Council comprises the members of Executive committee, three Vice Presidents (Groups Branches, International Affairs and Engineering Division) and nine elected ordinary members. In addition, there are two young members’ representatives who serve overlapping two year terms. The chairmen of the committees are also invited to attend Council meetings to provide reports of their areas of activity. The period of time that anyone can serve on Council is limited and elections take place at the Annual General Meeting. We seek to ensure that there is as wide as possible representation on Council, but if you feel that your area of acoustics does not have a voice, why not consider standing for election?

Council members (as of September 2016)

Member Position (if applicable)
Ms Jo Webb FIOA (President)
Prof Barry Gibbs FIOA (President Elect)
Mr William Egan MIOA (Immediate Past President )
Mr Russell Richardson MIOA (Hon Secretary)
Mr Daren Wallis MIOA  (Hon Treasurer)
Mr Jim Glasgow MIOA (Vice President Eng)
Dr Keith Holland MIOA (Vice President International)
Mr Graham Parry FIOA (Vice President Groups Branches)
Mr Daniel Goodhand MIOA  
Dr Paul Lepper MIOA  
Dr Martin Lester HonFIOA  
Mrs Pamela Lowery MIOA  
Mrs Hilary Notley MIOA  
Mr Peter Rogers FIOA  
Miss Emma Shanks MIOA  
Miss Vicky Stewart MIOA  
Mr Richard Watson MIOA  
Prof Abigail Bristow FIOA (by invitation)  
Dr Bob Peters FIOA (by invitation)  
Mr Paul Shields FIOA (by invitation)