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Chair: Prof Abigail Bristow FIOA

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Mission and activities

The mission of the committee is to ‘improve the status and awareness of acoustics research in the UK and to improve communications between researchers’. The Committee meets twice a year to discuss various research matters. These matters include, but are not limited to, the following items: 

- monitoring and improving the national status of acoustics as an academic discipline and research area;

- investigating possibilities for a more coordinated approach by Institute members to Research Councils and other funding bodies both within and outside the UK; 

- encouraging the formation of research networks in acoustics both within and outside the UK;

- ensuring regular (at least annual) interaction between the Institute, Research Councils, Defra, PHE and Innovate UK including advice on the extent and location of UK acoustic research; 

- advising and reporting to Council on any matters relating to research activities in acoustics that impact on the Institute's activities. 

The Committee has a 2-tier membership structure. There is a core group (tier 1) of Committee members. The names of tier 1 members appear on the attendance list. These members attend regularly the committee meetings and contribute systematically to the operation of the RCC. Tier 2 members are those members of the Institute who play a role in this Committee and can be invited to attend some meetings of this Committee to assist with various matters which require additional acoustics and acoustics-related expertise. Tier 2 membership can be more appropriate for younger members, those members who are not based in the UK and other IOA members who cannot regularly attend the RCC meetings.

Tier 1 Committee Members

Chair - Professor Abigail Bristow FIOA []

Prof Keith Attenborough HonFIOA

Dr Anne Bernassau

Dr Andrew Bullmore MIOA

Dr Alan Curtis MIOA

Dr Benjamin Fennech MIOA

Professor Kirill Horoshenkov FIOA 

Dr Alan McAlpine

Mrs Hilary Notley MIOA 

Mr Jon Richards FIOA

Mr Mike Swanwick FIOA

Dr Shahram Taherzadeh MIOA

Mr Stephen Turner HonFIOA

Dr Duncan P Williams MIOA