Congratulating acoustics engineers on International Women’s Engineering Day

Congratulating acoustics engineers on International Women’s Engineering Day

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Alex Shaida
Mon, 21/06/2021 - 13:38


by: Uchita Jhaveri

Engineering in simple words can be described as creative and practical application of the knowledge of science; to design and invent. The Inventions are developed creating productive solutions to ease life and make our world a better place.

23rd June is celebrated as International Women’s Engineering Day. Professionally, not being an Engineer, but an Architect pursuing a career as an Acoustician. During early days of Architecture, while designing complex spaces of Auditoriums and Cinemas, the sound energy travelling inside these spaces fascinated me. The challenges to control sound and how design can help to create good sound acoustics for the required purpose drew my attention. Not only entertainment spaces but designing acoustics for Offices, Residences, Classrooms, Seminar Halls, Lecture Halls, Hospitals has increased my awareness on the effects of sound on human health and also has sparked my initiative to design good acoustics that are sustainable solutions.

Being an Acoustician follows with responsibility to generate the right effect. The challenging aspect to create more awareness among people at microlevel about the subject of acoustics and its importance to treat enclosed spaces and avoid adverse effects of sound level beyond unacceptable limits. I have been working on three disciplines - Architecture, Interior Design and Acoustics which is challenging yet inspiring to produce work more efficiently and achieve desired outcome. Have always believed in social, economic equality for all genders. Every professional irrespective of their gender offers their best efforts to make the project successful. With the right technical knowledge and its application one can achieve these goals.

Congratulating and respect to all those Women Engineers who have contributed their best efforts to attain ground breaking discoveries and great achievements with their passion and make positive differences in the world as humans.


Keith Attenborough
Uchita is another who has benefited from doing the IOA Diploma.