Institute of Acoustics (IOA) Stammering Support Network, in association with STAMMA

Institute of Acoustics (IOA) Stammering Support Network, in association with STAMMA

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Alex Shaida
Updated Wed, 13/07/2022 - 12:10

by David Yates Director of Acoustics at Syntegra Group,

and Co-Chair of the IOA Southern Branch


A little about me – I am Acoustic Consultant of over 10 years experience. I serve on the IOA Southern Branch Committee and I am also active on ANC committees. I have stammered most of my life and slowly gained greater fluency. I am now confident in meetings, addressing groups and giving presentations - but it has taken a while to get to that stage!

I have been active with STAMMA on occasion throughout the years, having been published in a stammering book when I was a teenager (and presenting at the launch event at a BSA Conference in Leeds!) and being published twice in the BSA magazine not long after that whilst at university.

I was inspired to create this group due to the IOA's renewed focus on diversity and inclusion and have the support of both the IOA and STAMMA for this support network. I would have liked a place to go to at times in my career for support with my speech with likeminded professionals, and I assume other acousticians who stammer have too, so I am hopeful this group can fulfil that support gap for us all.

The Support Network is set up as a Private Group in LinkedIn. The group will remain unlisted so that it does not appear on member's profiles, to allow discretion on the subject for those who require discretion. To gain access to the group the easiest way is to connect with me on LinkedIn ( and send me a private message, I can then invite you to the group.