IOA Carers’ Fund - Acoustics 2023 & future events

IOA Carers’ Fund - Acoustics 2023 & future events

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Alex-test shaida
Mon, 18/09/2023 - 12:54

by: Angela Lamacraft, Senior Acoustics Consultant, EDI Chair & IOA Council Member 

The Institute of Acoustics is pleased to announce the creation of a Carers’ Fund. The aim of the fund is to support members with caring responsibilities to attend IOA events they might not otherwise be able to attend because of the cost of additional care provision.

The Carers’ Fund does not restrict how members use the grant; examples of how it might be used include:

•              extended hours for a child-minder or care worker;

•              babysitter costs;

•              travel expenses for friends or relatives to care for your dependants;

•              after school activities, clubs or play-schemes; or

•              medical, nursing or respite care.

Each application can be for up to £250, and a total of £5,000 will be made available annually to the Carers’ Fund.

To apply, please check the guidelines and fill out the form by clicking here. You will need to provide brief details of the event and a description of how you will use the grant. After the event, the IOA will ask you to complete and return a brief feedback form (funds will be paid upon completion of the feedback).

Ordinarily, applications should be submitted up to four weeks before the event and decisions will be advised within two weeks of submission. However, the Institute is thrilled to announce that applications for Acoustics 2023 will be accepted until 6th October 2023, with decisions announced 9th October.

This is a great opportunity for members who have been unable to attend events due to the cost of additional care to attend events, liaise with colleagues in the Institute or share knowledge through presentations. The EDI Working Group and Meetings Committee sincerely hope this fund will open up attendance of events to more members, improving your knowledge of acoustics and your experience of membership of the IOA.