The 'IOA Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control' 2020/21 - available via Distance Learning for International Students

The 'IOA Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control' 2020/21 - available via Distance Learning for International Students

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by: Kapil Thirwani

The boom in infrastructure, construction and entertainment started since the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Acoustics in the build environment has been an integral part of projects. Primarily international acoustic consultants have been involved with architects and planners to stress on the norms and the best practices.

As early as 2002 there were no standalone taught courses in the country and everyone was dependent on resources from foreign universities and institutes. As an engineering student interested to pursue acoustics as a subject, I was looking at education at postgraduate level outside India.  I was the first India student who formally studied a master’s degree in Audio Acoustics in 2004.  While studying and working In the UK, I became part of the IOA and have been following their education initiatives and conferences since.

The Institute of Acoustics' graduate entry Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control has been run since 1975 in the UK.  It is usually studied on a part-time basis, over one year.  The Diploma course was set up to provide specialist academic training to meet the educational requirements for Corporate Membership of the Institute of Acoustics.

Over the years, the course has become well established as providing high level training in real-world practical acoustics.  As a result, the Diploma is widely recognised as the leading specialist qualification for the professional practitioner in acoustics. 

Working for a subsidiary of a British company my projects were mainly in the Indian Subcontinent, Middle east and SE Asia.  Though working in India, I always used my experience to conduct consultancy in the region based on international compliances. This got a lot of appreciation and more work from clients, architects and project, management companies.

I have been helping students and professionals in the Indian Subcontinent that have been interested in the subject of acoustics but never had the proper guidance or information on how to pursue the IOA Diploma.

Below are few of the students that have taken the Diploma:

Uchita Jhaveri - Architect

‘As an Architect and practicing as Acoustical Consultant had urge to learn and study indepth sound travel and its behaviour, sound measurement and its assessment for various environments, its mitigation methods and its affect on human. Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control by Institute of Acoustics, UK , offers this course majorly covering all these aspects. It was great learning experience which covers many other topics related to sound via assignments, projects and Laboratory sessions and also regulations, guidelines related to sound control and its impact on human. IOA faculty and administrative officers are addon to always to offer guidance for any queries and difficulties. I would thank Mr.Kapil Thirwani, Acoustical Consultant to introduce me to this course and enhance my skills in subject of Acoustics.’ 

EK Ullas - Current student

"IOA Diploma course has indeed been a very valuable learning experience for me. Course materials were very informative, the mentoring approach was excellent and the online education portal was really superb. It was an excellent training experience in online classrooms. We never feel it was a distance education programme. The course is designed in such a manner that acoustic learning was not limited to any extent. I am gaining a lot of knowledge through the course. The assignments were really great as it helps the students to think out-of-the-box and clarify accordingly. The acoustic lab practical sessions provide a great chance to learn about acoustic measurement in a way that its been used in a professional acoustician's daily life. The IOA diploma course exceeded my expectations significantly." 


About the IOA Diploma

The IOA Diploma was started in 1975 to satisfy the educational requirements for Associate membership of the Institute. Since then over 2000 candidates have gained the Diploma and have gone on to become corporate members of the Institute. The Diploma is offered currently at six Higher Education Institutions in the UK and through tutored distance learning supported by extensive course materials.  A lab was launched in the Middle East in 2018 although students can also access the Dublin lab for the practical component.  The IOA Diploma has been offered via distance learning for many years, however in September 2020 a new blended programme is being launched with enhanced distance learning content to help support students taking the programme.

For more information about the Diploma for international students, you can contact:  education [at] ioa [dot] org [dot] uk

The next intake is for September 2020.  Students are advised to contact the IOA directly over the coming weeks for any questions, and to commence the application process if they are interested in the programme.

For an overview of the Diploma, you can view:

A short 3 minutes overview by Professor Keith Attenborough

Or watch the full overview by Professor Keith Attenborough

Further information on this website can be found by going here

If you are completely new to the world of acoustics, watch our careers video

About Kapil Thirwani:

Kapil Thirwani is a  Partner at Munro Acoustics LLP and based in Mumbai, India. 

Interested students are welcome to contact Kapil for an informal chat.  Email: kapil [dot] thirwani [at] ioa [dot] org [dot] uk