Acoustics Bulletin November-December 2023 issue available for members

Acoustics Bulletin November-December 2023 issue available for members

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The November/December 2023 issue of Acoustics Bulletin will be with members shortly and apart from all the regulars, it includes these articles:

  • Your next issue of Acoustics Bulletin lands in Tomorrow’s Engineers Week ( and to mark this, our STEM article focuses on The Women’s Engineering Society’s annual campaign, the Lottie Tour (, where volunteers take a 'Lottie' doll to different locations to show her carrying out the work that they do in engineering and related careers. IOA STEM committee members will join the Lottie Tour, and we will publish a full report in the next issue.
  • In our sustainability feature, Dr Carlos Abrahams and Richard Grove, Chair of IOA Sustainable Design Task Force, discuss ecoacoustics, bioacoustics, and everything to do with the sounds of nature.
  • On page 26, we have the second part of the onshore wind turbine noise series. An introductory overview of the project was published in the September/October 2023 issue so this part provides the project conclusions and recommendations.
  • Our Instrumentation Corner slot investigates the reason for sound power labels on your wheelie bin. Mark Dowie, Physical Test Applications Specialist at HBK explains all.
  • Drawing from the fields of museology and architectural history, the article on page 46 explores the origins of the museum soundscape and its context, i.e. the complex history of the museum as an institution. Acknowledging this history from an acoustic point of view can allow us to design for a new type of museum soundscape; one that elevates its visitors and not overpower them.
  • On page 50, our technical article discusses the scoping study commissioned by Defra to explore methods for assessing industrial sound inside dwellings using an evidence-based approach.
  • The IOA, the University of Salford, and industry partners AcSoft and Noise Consultants Limited (NCL), are working together to prepare students for careers in airport noise and on page 58, David Waddington explains how the IOA's support for this programme is also helping to foster a culture of collaboration between academia and industry, which can lead to new research and innovation.
  • Lastly, it is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Geoff Kerry. A world-renowned expert in acoustics, Geoff’s significant contributions to the field throughout his long and distinguished career are ingrained in the legacy he leaves behind at Salford and the IOA. Read his obituary on page 8.
  • There’s plenty more, but if you feel there are gaps in Acoustics Bulletin and you’d like to see articles on other subjects please contact the editor, Nicky Rogers, at nickyr [at] warnersgroup [dot] co [dot] uk

Just to remind you about our technical articles. Although they are not peer reviewed, they all go through an internal checking process via the IOA Publications Committee and their panel of volunteer experts. This is intended to highlight any discrepancies in the articles, or areas that may need clarification, which are then referred back to authors for amends.  

The deadline for the next issue (January/February 2024) issue is Thursday 30 November 2023 at the very latest please. Throughout 2024 we will be celebrating the IOA’s 50th anniversary in each issue of Acoustics Bulletin so if you have any memories of the Institute that you’d like to share please email the editor at nickyr [at] warnersgroup [dot] co [dot] uk at any time.

If you have a technical article that you’d like to submit for consideration, also please email the editor at nickyr [at] warnersgroup [dot] co [dot] uk

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