Acoustics at Home with the Kids by Edinburgh Science

Acoustics at Home with the Kids by Edinburgh Science

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Alex Shaida
Thu, 09/04/2020 - 13:04


Check out and have fun with some IOA sponsored content that has been created for us by Edinburgh Science (ES). The tutoring material is called Ella’s Wobble and is designed to get young people to think about how different sounds are made, how sounds travel and how we can detect sounds depending on what produces them.

We are very grateful to ES who have worked hard under difficult circumstances to produce this at-home ‘acoustics’ tutoring material within a very short time period.     

Many of you may not be aware, but our Institute sponsors Edinburgh Science to deliver a STEM outreach programme. Sound and vibration lessons are delivered in the form of highly interactive shows in primary schools and a week-long immersive careers and education event takes place for secondary school pupils. At this, a team of IOA volunteers has the opportunity to increase the awareness of career opportunities in acoustics with STEM subject choices.     

While you are on their website check out all the other content and activities Edinburgh Science has on offer.

1. Tutoring material for Primary School-age children

Downloadable activities

2.  Pages where IOA Logos are seen as we sponsored these activities  

• Generation science (visits to schools to run sound and vibration lessons in the form of highly interactive shows.)

• Careers Hive (an immersive career and education event for Secondary Schools to increase awareness of career opportunities with STEM subject choices.)  

3. Festival Supporter acknowledgments - The IOA is not here yet as we chose not to support the actual ES Festival event, however, the LEARNING SUPPORTERS (which the IOA is) will be going up here shortly