Acoustics regulations that might be affected after Brexit, share your views!

The IOA is preparing for a damage limitation exercise, should a no deal Brexit occur. As part of this, we will be contacting Government to identify which of the acoustics regulations might be affected by Brexit, and to offer to work with them to ensure that post Brexit our framework of regulation is not damaged and, where possible, it is improved or reformed where needed. To assist us with this, we are asking all members to respond on one question:
1. Do you have any particular concerns about changes to Regulations relevant to acoustics after Brexit, and specifically where they originate or are tied to EU directives?
 If you do, please tell us whether you think it should be A = Retained, B = Reformed or C = Rejected, with your reasons why. By flagging this to us, we can take your views into account in our response, in order to ensure we have the best chances to not let any changes slip through without consideration, and hopefully our influence.
Please direct a short email response to which will be directed to the right person within the Parliamentary Liaison Group PLG), who are co-ordinating the response. Please get in touch no later than the 14th February; and, given the pace of change, sooner rather than later please.
Many thanks Peter Rogers, Chair of the PLG for the IOA