BSI is recruiting a Committee Chair for EH/1/1 Acoustics – Hearing

BSI is recruiting a Committee Chair for EH/1/1 Acoustics – Hearing

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Alex Shaida
Tue, 17/08/2021 - 16:24


There's a BSI Committee Chair vacancy

BSI committee chairs play a critical and rewarding part in the standards-making process. Chairs provide leadership, guide the consensus-building process and help develop and set the committee's work programme. This voluntary position requires a higher level of commitment than the committee member role. Much of the work is done online, with most standards-making groups meeting a few times each year, currently virtually.

The Committee Chair would have the support of a BSI Standards Development Manager to advise on development of the work programme, processes and meeting organisation and support (agendas and minutes).

EH/1/1 Acoustics – Hearing

Committee Scope: Under the direction of the EH/1, is responsible for UK input to ISO/TC 43, CEN/TC 211 and CEN/TC 380 for standardisation in the field of hearing

Some current members: BSHAA - British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists; British Society of Audiology; Institute of Acoustics.

Key standards in progress:

  •           BS ISO 21388-1 Acoustics  Hearing aid fitting management. Part 1: General framework
  •           BS ISO 523 Acoustics -- Methods for calculating loudness. Part 3: Moore-Glasberg-Schlittenlacher method for time varying sounds
  •           BS ISO 4869-7 Acoustics - Hearing protectors - Part 7: Method to measure the response of hearing protectors with high-level impulse noise on an acoustic test fixture

More information on this committee’s work is available here

If you’re interested in applying for the role or would like further information, please contact the Committee’s Standards Development Manager, Joanna Macnamara: joanna [dot] macnamara [at] bsigroup [dot] com