Article 37 of the Articles of Association of the Institute of Acoustics requires that the Council advise all Corporate Members of those persons being duly qualified, whom it nominates as candidates for election at the next Annual General Meeting, for the office of Ordinary Members of Council.  Accordingly, on behalf of Council, I am writing to advise you of the individuals nominated by Council, and of certain other changes affecting the composition of Council from the 2019 Annual General Meeting.

There are 6 vacancies for Ordinary Members on Council this year. Council can nominate up to one member for each vacancy. In selecting their nominations Council look at an individual’s experience both in terms of their previous voluntary work and their industry experience, the aim is have a Council that broadly reflects the diversity of the membership.

It does, however, remain possible for additional persons to be nominated as Ordinary Members of Council, and in this respect attention is drawn to Article 38.  Council have nominated the 3 members of Council coming to an end of their 2 years on Council to stand for re-election and a further 3 members to broaden the experience on Council (2 from the Public Sector).  Council are however keen to encourage more members to stand for election. They are particularly keen to encourage nominations from members with Public Sector and Industry experience. 

In the event of at least one more nomination being received, it will become necessary to carry out a ballot of Corporate Members to determine the final composition of Council.  To be valid any such additional nominations must reach me no later than 19 April 2019, along with the written endorsement of 5 corporate members (email acceptable) and a 250 word statement that will be used to support their candidacy for election.




Dr K Holland is no longer able to meet his international commitments and has resigned as VP International but wishes to remain on Council as an Ordinary Member. To do so he has to stand for election.


The Articles of Association authorise Council to elect the Honorary Officers prior to the AGM.  Council have elected Dr P Lepper to the position of VP International.




The Articles of Association require the following retirements shall take effect at the 2018 AGM:

Mr D Goodhand

Dr P Lepper

Ms P Lowery

Ms H Notley

Ms E Shanks

Mr R Watson

Note: Dr P Lepper has been elected to the Honorary Position of VP International.


Of the people retiring Ms H Notley is completing her 6th year on Council and not eligible for re-election and Ms P Lowery no longer feels she has the time to commit to the role and does not wish to stand for re-election.

Council have considered the existing experience on Council and have nominated the following members for the vacant positions as Ordinary members of Council to compliment this experience, namely:

Mr B Fenech

Mr D Goodhand

Dr K Holland

Mr C Hurst

Ms A Lamacraft

Ms E Shanks

Article 38

Any five Corporate Members may nominate within two weeks of service of this notice (17 April 2019), but no later, any other duly qualified person as a candidate for election as Ordinary member of Council, such nominations to be made by deposition of such nominations in writing at the office together with the written consent of the nominee to accept the office if elected.  No Corporate Member may nominate more than one candidate in any year for any one vacancy.

An election by electronic voting will take place from 29 April to 10 May 2019.  Members will be informed of the candidates by 26 April 2019.


Allan Chesney

Chief Executive

2 April 2019


Video belowStephen Turner Hon FIOA