Engineering a future outside the EU

The Institute of Acoustics and the other 37 professional engineering organisations, representing all disciplines of UK engineering, have joined forces under the leadership of the Royal Academy of Engineering to provide evidence-based advice to the government on the opportunities and risks associated with leaving the EU. Entitled Engineering a future outside the EU, the report states the process of the UK leaving the EU will certainly present challenges but it is also an opportunity to reinforce the UK’s position as a leading nation of global influence in terms of trade, knowledge and innovation. Engineering, with its world-class talent, universities, companies and facilities, will be at the heart of delivering renewed prosperity to the UK through close partnership with government. With the right climate and conditions, engineering will be in a strong position to make an even greater contribution to the UK. The objective of the report is to support the government in securing from the negotiations the best possible outcome for the UK, with job creation and economic prosperity foremost in our considerations. The report represents the first phase of evidence gathering and emerging findings in what will be an ongoing dialogue with the government.


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