Gym Acoustics Guidance – IOA comment

Gym Acoustics Guidance – IOA comment

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Alex Shaida
Tue, 30/11/2021 - 11:09

In commenting on the draft guidance for acoustics in gyms, drafted by the working group led by the Association of Noise Consultants, the IOA acknowledge the guidance to be a good source of information on the subject. A number of observations were made on the content of the guidance, including:

  • Welcoming the selection of definitive noise criteria, while considering it likely these criteria align with a low probability of adverse comment, although it is also noted that achieving these can be very challenging.
  • Recommending the same definitive approach is taken regarding vibration limits. Furthermore, with planning class changes in 2020 meaning permitted development of gyms – these might start to appear in buildings with lightweight, composite commercial floor slabs.
  • Recommending better explanation is given as to why the LAmax,fast noise limits for lifts as recommended in BS 8233: 2014 are mentioned.
  • Suggesting some guidance is given on what constitutes a low background noise level. Some would say the threshold of hearing is a low level.
  • No reference is given as to suitable equipment type and specification when measuring vibration. It is recommended that this also covers more detail on mounting techniques too.
  • Experience suggests that the floor loadings are not always defined accurately by the gym client. This can result in incorrect spacing of spring / elastomeric isolators under floating floors. This can reduce sound and vibration isolation, but as seriously, can result in unacceptable levels of deflection / yield in the floating floor for the user. This raises the general comment that, whilst the document refers to the need to consider stability, it does not provide any detail on how this may be specified.

See the draft guidance

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