An IEC TC29 standard open for public comment on the BSI website

An IEC TC29 standard open for public comment on the BSI website

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Alex Shaida
Updated Mon, 20/06/2022 - 12:03

An IEC TC29 standard is open for public comment on the BSI development website – IEC 61252 Specifications for Personal Sound Exposure Meters - or dosimeters in plain English.

The document specifies:

– performance specifications for personal sound exposure meters,

– details of the tests necessary to verify conformance to all mandatory specifications for the purpose of pattern evaluation, and

– procedures for periodic testing of a personal sound exposure meter. Personal sound exposure meters conforming to the requirements of this standard have a specified frequency response for sound incident on the microphone from all directions.

This document is applicable to instruments that are designed to be worn on a person in a configuration specified by the manufacturer for the measurement of sound immission resulting from steady, intermittent, fluctuating, irregular, or impulsive sounds. For reproducibility of results, specifications and tests for the response to sound waves apply without an operator present in the sound field.

The aim is to ensure that pattern evaluation and periodic testing are performed in a consistent manner by all laboratories.

The portal can be seen here -

The comment deadline is July 5th