IOA Launches Primary and Secondary Schools' Competitions 2022

IOA Launches Primary and Secondary Schools' Competitions 2022

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Alex Shaida
Tue, 15/03/2022 - 13:59

Following the success of last year's secondary schools' competition, the IOA is this year launching both a Primary and Secondary schools' competition in the UK.

Primary Schools' Competition 2022

There are many sounds around us: natural sounds (such as birdsong or a rushing stream), sounds made by people (such as talking or making music), sounds from machines (such as cars, aircraft or lawnmowers) or a combination of all of these. Some of these sounds we want to hear but others we don’t. The sound we don’t want to hear is called noise. We can encounter noise every day, such as the sound from cars and aircraft or even the sound from other people in your school or playground shouting when your class is being quiet. 



For details click here  including poster (download) and terms and conditions

Secondary Schools' Competition 2022

Careful measurement of sound is one of the key skills an acoustician requires in order to obtain accurate data for analysis. This activity has been designed to encourage you to think about sound more thoroughly than you may have before.



For details click here including poster (download) and terms and conditions

Read more about last year's competition.

For enquiries, you can contact us by email: ioaatioa [dot] org [dot] uk

Keep a look out for further information on the competitions' pages during the next few weeks.

Both competitions are now open, and have a submission deadline of 31st July 2022.