IOA once again sponsors the John Connell Innovation Award in 2021

IOA once again sponsors the John Connell Innovation Award in 2021

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Alex Shaida
Tue, 10/08/2021 - 15:19

The IOA is once again sponsoring the John Connell Innovation Award.  Innovation is the key to successfully solving noise pollution for the benefit of all. This award recognises original thinking when faced with particularly challenging acoustic issues, whether through noise control or reduction programmes, management, technology or good acoustic design.

The John Connell Innovation Award recognises and encourages the development of quiet innovative solutions and technologies, demonstrating a history of sustainability to resolve noise pollution problems.

(a) new or enhanced product(s) or solutions demonstrating significant technological, managerial and / or process advancement, and/ or

(b) organisations demonstrating a history of sustained innovation across product line(s) to resolve noise pollution problems.

Entries can be submitted to johnconnellawards [at] noise-abatementsociety [dot] org by 17 September 2021. The shortlist will be announced on Tuesday 28th September 2021. Shortlisted entrants will be invited to the awards ceremony at the Palace of Westminster (Covid permitting) on 20 October 2021 where the winners will be announced.

Now in their 19th year, the John Connell Awards are open to local authorities, industry and organisations throughout the UK. The awards recognise innovative services, campaigns, products and programmes that are shining examples of community co-operation, education and creative solutions to solving noise pollution problems. Projects which have been carried out during the past 48 months are eligible. Planning and works may have commenced prior to this period, and the positive results may be ongoing.

Judging criterial and scoring details in attached document (for downloading).