IOA to sponsor 'Noise Oscar' again

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Wed, 19/07/2017 - 14:27

The IOA is again sponsoring the innovation category in the 2017 John Connell Awards. Known as the industry’s “Oscars”, the awards are organised by the Noise Abatement Society to recognise local authorities, industry, individuals and organisations judged to have been outstanding in their efforts to both reduce the impact of noise nuisance and seek to pioneer practical and innovative solutions to noise pollution. The innovation award recognises and encourages the development of quiet innovative solutions and technologies, demonstrating a history of sustainability to resolve noise pollution problems. The closing date for submission is 5pm on 15 September. The awards will be presented on 31 October at the Houses of Parliament. Speaking about the awards, Jo Webb, IOA President, said “We live in a noisy world, and while technology is the cause of much noise, there is an opportunity to improve the soundscape through engineered noise control and innovative solutions. The IOA is delighted to once again sponsor this year’s John Connell innovation award.”