IOA-sponsored 'Oscar' for noise reduction company

A company that develops ground-breaking noise reduction technology scooped the IOA-sponsored innovation award in the 2016 noise “Oscars”.

Sonobex was presented with the award at the Noise Abatement Society’s annual John Connell Awards held at the Houses of Parliament.

The innovation award aims to encourage the development of new schemes to resolve noise pollution and recognise a pioneering approach that addresses this issue from a unique standpoint.

Watford-based Sonobex has pioneered noise reduction technology via a new area of physics, acoustic metamaterials - artificially fabricated materials that control, direct and manipulate sound in the form of sonic, infrasonic or ultrasound waves.

The John Connell Awards, named after the association’s founder, aim to recognise organisations and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to reducing noise nuisance.

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Dr Daniel Elford (second left) and Dr Luke Chalmers of Sonbex are pictured receiving the award from Jo Webb (left), President of the IOA, and Sonia Phippard, Director General Environment, Rural and Marine, Defra.