IOA welcomes Govt wind turbine noise study

The Institute of Acoustics (IOA) welcomes the announcement that the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is to commission a study into the acoustic character of wind turbine noise known as amplitude modulation (AM) with a view to recommending how to define an appropriate threshold. The IOA had previously written to DECC informing it of the current IOA AM working group which is advancing a measurement methodology and metric to define AM, and asking DECC to commission a study to look at an appropriate threshold for AM. DECC, and not the IOA, will be commissioning the study and the IOA has offered its full cooperation with the appointed researcher to support work towards the assessment of AM. The IOA hopes that the work will lead to the production of a Government policy statement on AM, following which the IOA intends to produce an AM guidance note which, like the other IOA Good Practice Guidance notes, provides guidance on how the policies and Government guidance can be applied in practice. DECC is to launch the tendering process to select an acoustics expert to conduct to review shortly. The review will conclude in spring 2015. It will not consider other types of noise from wind turbines, which, it says, are already addressed appropriately in planning guidance.  Details of IOA Good Practice Guidance and the AM working group can be found here