Northern Ireland approval for wind turbine guide

The Northern Ireland Executive has added its endorsement to the IOA's Good Practice Guide to the application of ETSU-R-97 for wind turbine noise assessment. In doing so, it joins the governments in England, Scotland and Wales in approving the guide.
In announcing the decision, Mark Durkan, Minister of the Environment, said: "My officials have now considered the contents of the Good Practice Guide and whilst they are satisfied that it provides significant support on technical issues to users of ETSU-R-97, they are nevertheless concerned about some aspects of the model condition set out in Annex B of the guide.
"Therefore, whilst I have no hesitation in accepting and confirming the Good Practice Guide as representing the latest industry good practice to users of ETSU-R-97, my Department reserves the right to attach noise conditions to wind energy developments with an alternate wording to that set out in the guidance."
Richard Perkins, IOA Noise Working Group Chairman, welcomed the endorsement from the Minister saying: "It is pleasing that the guide has finally been recognised in Northern Ireland, and this endorsement will bring more certainty to the planning process there. 
"The Minister’s concern relates to the example planning condition in Annex B, but the guide caveats the use of the condition to ensure it is reviewed and amended by a member of the legal profession on a case specific basis anyway."