Salary Threshold & PBS Commission: Call for evidence, 5th Nov. deadline


Please note below.  Members may wish to express their views.


As you may already be aware, in June 2019, the former Home Secretary commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to carry out an in-depth analysis of potential future salary thresholds. The salary threshold refers to a key component of the skilled worker route in the UK’s future immigration system. The MAC has been asked to determine the best mechanism for calculating the salary thresholds and the rates at which they should be set.


Following the appointment of the new Home Secretary, and the subsequent change in Government priorities, this commission was expanded on 3 September 2019. In addition to the salary thresholds, the MAC has now also been asked to look into an ‘Australian-style’ points-based system and how this might work in the UK. Specifically, the MAC has been asked to consider how points could be awarded to prospective migrants for different attributes, and to assess how salary thresholds could work within the context of this system.


The commissioning notes detailing the above can be found on our website.


As part of the evidence gathering process, we have released a call for evidence. This will be in the format of an online form and looks to gather evidence which will be most useful for the MAC to feed into the commission.


The deadline for submission is the 5th November 2019.


The MAC has been asked to work to a tighter than usual deadline to report our findings, as such, we are asking stakeholders to provide evidence in an 8-week consultation period This is to allow a reasonable timeframe for proper engagement with our commission whilst delivering a response to the government as swiftly as possible. We hope stakeholders understand the importance of responding as soon as they are able.


Further detail of this, and information on how to submit your evidence can be found in the call for evidence document here.


We value your input for this commission and look forward to receiving your submissions.


Migration Advisory Committee Secretariat