Wind turbine noise notes published

The IOA has today published four supplementary guidance notes (SGNs) to its Good Practice Guide to the Application of ETSU-R-97 for the Assessment and Rating of Wind Turbine Noise. The notes cover: sound power level data, wind shear, post completion measurements and noise propagation over water for on-shore wind turbines.  The Institute plans to publish the final two notes (data collection and data processing and derivation of ETSU-R-97 background curves) shortly.  The publication follows an extensive consultation exercise.  Richard Perkins, Chairman of the Institute's working party responsible for the guide and the notes, said:  "We hope the SGNs provide useful assistance to those undertaking wind farm noise assessments. The group apologises that SGN 1 & 2 aren't yet ready for publication, but we hope to finish these shortly and will publish as soon as we can." The guidance notes are available for viewing and downloading by clicking here