This year's IOA sponsored John Connell Innovation Awards are announced

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Alex Shaida
Fri, 25/10/2019 - 18:55


John Connell Innovation Award winners announced - sponsored by the Institute of Acoustics


Innovation is the key to successfully solving noise issues for the benefit of all. This award recognises original thinking when faced with particularly challenging acoustic issues, whether through noise control or reduction programmes, management, technology or good acoustic design.


a) Winner John Connell Innovation Award:

EAVE For its powerful innovation to increase prevention of hearing loss in the workplace

The Eave ear-phone system has state of the art Hear-Through technology which enables the wearer to communicate with a colleague without removing the ear defender and successfully deals with harmful effects of excessive noise exposure to construction workers across multiple sites. The Eave system gathers noise data from digital sensors embedded in the ear defender plus environmental noise levels before wirelessly transmitting the data to its noise management platform called ‘Peak’ which is cloud based. This allows stakeholders to see across the site what kind of proactive noise management and preventative measures for health protection need to be put in place.

Gloria Elliott, Noise Abatement Society Chief Executive, said ‘This is an extremely welcome innovation for comprehensive long term hearing protection in the workplace’.


b) Highly Commended John Connell Innovation Award: 

National Grid for reducing the impact of a particular noise disturbance throughout England and Wales

National Grid runs the electricity transmission network in England and Wales. Complaints about loud noise coming from overhead line routes during windy weather had been received across the network leading to sleep disturbance and extreme annoyance. The source of the distinctive 630 Hz tone was eventually found through extensive wind tunnel trials where it was determined that a particular damper was the cause. Working closely with the manufacturer, a modified design was produced which eliminated the noise problem, country wide.

Gloria Elliott, Noise Abatement Society Chief Executive, said ‘National Grid is to be congratulated on successfully tackling a particularly difficult noise disturbance affecting many people country wide’.


c) Highly Commended John Connell Innovation Award:

HearAngel TM for its innovative peak noise limiter to protect the hearing of headphone users

More than a billion people are at risk from hearing loss from exposure to large sound doses. The major source of large sound dose is headphones. HearAngel is a safeguarding platform that is embedded into headphone firmware with a partner app on the user’s handset which automatically sets limits on received sound levels, protecting the hearing health of the headphone user.

Gloria Elliott, Noise Abatement Society Chief Executive, said’ NAS applauds HearAngel for this really vital advancement in hearing protection for head phone users’


For a full list of award winners, please go to the Noise Abatement Society website or you can download the full press release.