North West

Secretary: Mr Adam Thomas AMIOA

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The North Western Branch, or so it appears from the majority of the committee members, has been going longer than time itself, and probably predates the IOA. It has a committee that organises about 4-6 evening meetings a year and the occasional full day meeting. These are mostly held in Manchester with some excursions to other places of interest, and are publicised by meeting notices sent to every member and published on the IOA web site. Attendance at evening meetings is usually about 10-30 people who share in common a love of free butties and a passing interest in acoustics.

The meetings provide a balance between an informal friendly atmosphere where people can network and socialise and a fairly short presentation on a current or specialist subject of interest to members. Non members are also welcome.

The committee of this branch, known modestly by some as the Premier or Presidential Branch, is always interested (or more accurately, desperate) to hear ideas for meeting topics and is particularly keen to involve younger members in the committee. Please do not be put off by the earlier comments relating to the committee.

As well as free food, warmth and shelter CPD certificates are provided at the meetings.

So if you have any ideas, want to get involved, or just need more information, please contact us or just turn up at a meeting like everyone else.