Physical Acoustics

Chair: Acting: Mike Swanwick FIOA

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Physical acoustics is the fundamental science that underpins the acoustics we work with every day. The way sound propagates, scatters, attenuates, how it interacts with structures and measurement equipment should concern us all. Having a basic knowledge of physical acoustics enables us to make better decisions, design better products, make better measurements and write more accurate reports. The study of physical acoustics is also developing new ways of interpreting acoustical data including medical ultrasound and imaging, the use of advanced materials for sound absorbers and noise barriers, and many more applications for now and in the future.

The aim of the Physical Acoustics Group is to provide:

Specialists and novices alike from academic or industrial backgrounds a forum to discuss, disseminate, and develop physical acoustics at all stages of development from theory to the provision of exploitable technology in industry.

IOA members who have a particular interest in physical acoustics with a programme of events that captures the essence of latest research and the state of the art understanding of; fundamental acoustic interactions from sound sources, via various media (solid, liquid or gas) to receptors.

Representation of the IOA at Institute of Physics (IOP) PAG events, and vice versa. The IOP also have a PAG, so we coexist with a common cause to further the field by supporting events from each institute.

In addition, the group acts as a point of contact for individuals and organisations from all backgrounds that share a common interest, and welcomes their suggestions for topics and their involvement in providing presentations and organising events.