Chair: Ms Jo Webb FIOA

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The Executive Committee is set up to provide an effective liaison between the Council and the management services of the Institute. With the approval of the Council it will: 1. Formulate proposals for policy and action relating to the managerial and financial activities of the Institute for presentation to the Council. 2. Monitor the implementation of the policy decisions of the Council, review the management accounts to ensure that the operations remain on budget and ensure that corrective actions are taken so that operations remain within budget. 3. Take executive action on any matter considered too urgent to await consideration at the next regular or extraordinary Council meeting. Such action will be formally reported to Council at its subsequent meeting. 4. Appoint the Chief Executive / Secretary of the Institute and agree the remuneration and conditions of employment of the Secretariat. 5. Within the budget approved by Council and on recommendation from the appropriate subcommittees confirm the appointment of personnel to paid posts within the Institute; agree their remuneration and the granting of Honoraria for services provided. Members of the Executive: (As of September 2016) Ms J Webb FIOA (President) Prof B Gibbs FIOA (President Elect) Mr W Egan MIOA (Immediate Past-President) Mr R Richardson MIOA (Hon Secretary) Mr D Wallis MIOA (Hon Treasurer) Mr A Chesney, Chief Executive