Chair: Mrs Hilary Notley MIOA

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The Meetings Committee meets four times a year. Its main purposes are to plan and preside over the framework of workshops, meetings and conferences that are organised by the Institute of Acoustics’ Secretariat and oversee the annual programme of these events. 

The Committee seeks to ensure that the range and subject matter of events is suitably balanced across all members’ areas of interest and that the quality of meetings and venues is high. Feedback from meeting questionnaires (filled in by attendees) is reviewed and acted upon. 

The Committee also considers strategic issues such as meeting fees, guidelines for meeting organisers, etc with a view to offering proposals for Council approval. 

The annual programme of meetings provides significant revenue for the Institute. The Committee monitors the financial performance of meetings and reviews progress against annual targets. 

A significant proportion of the impetus for meetings originates from enthusiastic members of the Groups and Branches. The Committee seeks to encourage and facilitate this process, alongside the great support provided to the meeting organisers by the Institute Secretariat.