Noise control – free diagnosis and engineering control option evaluation

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Alex Shaida
Mon, 19/08/2019 - 12:33

Noise control – free diagnosis and engineering control option evaluation at Low Noise Design workshop on 18 September, 2019
You could even leave the workshop with a low cost-engineering solution on the day…



A joint event IOA Noise & Vibration Engineering Group and Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

Want to take advantage of free noise control advice in your factory workspace?


As part of the Buy Quiet Low Noise Design workshop on 18th September at The Royal Society, there will be a live diagnostic and noise control option evaluation session. Delegates can take advantage of this rare opportunity for free noise control advice (or even solutions) for noisy plant or processes from the experts. Simply email a smartphone video and a few pictures plus some background information of the plant in question in advance and we will analyse the soundtrack and assess the engineering noise control options. This approach reduces typical project costs by 50% - 80% and is surprisingly often self-financing. You could even walk away with a detailed solution on the day…

Ideally, the following information would be needed well before the workshop:-

  1. Description of the noise problem and any existing noise data or noise targets and constraints (hygiene, access etc).
  2. Photos of the machine/plant - both close-ups and showing the whole unit.
  3. One or two short video clip (c 20 secs) that clearly show the plant operation (not close-up) covering any and all intermittent activities.
  4. Any relevant plant mechanical details e.g. motor speeds, product, fan speed and number of blades on the impeller etc

At the workshop, we can then analyse the soundtrack for frequency content and assess the noise control options against a database of past experience. 

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