Underwater Acoustics

Chair: Dr Peter Dobbins FIOA

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The aim of the Underwater Acoustics Group (UAG) is to attract the interest and commitment of all professionals from industry, academia and government who work in underwater acoustics in order to help advance our understanding of this field. 

The group covers a wide range of topics including natural and anthropogenic sound and its generation underwater; sonar transducers; sonar signal processing; sonar performance predictions; multi-beam and bathymetry sonar systems; underwater communication; the propagation, reflection and scattering of sound in the underwater environment including the seabed and the sea surface; and bioacoustics. 

The UAG Committee represents the members of the IOA who have an interest in underwater acoustics and generally supports the subject within the UK. The Committee’s three main roles are:

• Work with professionals to arrange conferences for the underwater acoustics community. 
• Provide feedback to international standards committees.
• Recommend the recipient of the A B Wood Medal. 

The A B Wood medal and attendant prize is aimed at innovative underwater acousticians under the age of 40 for distinguished contributions to the application of underwater acoustics. The award is made annually, in even numbered years to a person from Europe and in odd numbered years to a person from the USA/Canada. Nomination forms and details can be found here