Using bioacoustics for field survey webinar presentation by Carlos Abrahams

Using bioacoustics for field survey webinar presentation by Carlos Abrahams

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Alex Shaida
Wed, 29/07/2020 - 15:03

Recent webinar on 21 July 2020 on Using bioacoustics for field survey presentation by Carlos Abrahams

Bioacoustics is the study of animal ecology and behaviour through the use of sound. This approach is commonly used by researchers and consultants studying bats and cetaceans in Europe and globally. The same approach can also be used for a variety of other species groups, including birds, mammals, amphibians and invertebrates, but is rarely used due to a lack of knowledge and established practice. A recent webinar shows how acoustic recording has a great untapped potential for tackling conservation issues, generating new data that could support the protection of rare species, and better understanding of the environment. The session introduced and explained a range of hardware, software and field/analysis methods, demonstrating how bioacoustics can be used to determine presence/absence, distribution and populations of target species or communities. The evidence for potential benefits, and disadvantages, were explained, to allow attendees to understand how they might be able to use bioacoustics within their own practice.

Carlos Abrahams, the presenter, is Technical Director at Baker Consultants in Derbyshire and a Senior Lecturer on the Environmental Biology BSc at Nottingham Trent University. He has been working in ecology and nature conservation roles for more than 25 years, with expertise in ecological survey, wetland ecology and bioacoustics. He has recently published a number of scientific papers on bird bioacoustics, and is trying to develop the application of these methods within the UK.



Photo credit:  Ryk Naves on Unsplash