Membership Fees and Committee Dates

Membership Fees and Committee Dates

Membership Fees 2022

Grade Fee
FIOA £184.00
MIOA £156.00
AMIOA * £132.00
Affiliate £117.00
Technician £99.00

* Fee for existing members who have been 5 years or more in the grade of AMIOA is the same as for MIOA (£156.00).

Membership fees cover the period January to December. New applicants are invoiced on a pro rata basis, once their application has been approved.

Sponsor Members

Key Sponsor: £4072.00*

Sponsoring Organisations:

Description Fee
(a) 15 or more staff involved in acoustics £1494.00*
(b) Less than 15 staff involved in acoustics £1149.00*
Institutional Subscriber £267.00

* Sponsor Fees are subject to VAT at Standard Rate

Membership Committee Dates

17 February 2022, 19 May 2022, 11 August 2022, 17 November 2022

Corporate applications (FIOA, MIOA) are only considered at Membership Committee meetings.

All applications must reach the office, 2 calender weeks before the Membership Committee meets. Any received after will be reviewed in the next meeting.

Non-Corporate applications (AMIOA, TechIOA, Affiliate, Sponsor) are considered through Fast-Tracking through out the year (excluding December & January).

Membership Upgrade Applications

Members wishing to transfer to a higher grade are asked for a fixed transfer fee of £20.00 once the application has been approved.

Please ensure account is up to date with all payments.