Chair: Mrs Hilary Notley MIOA

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The Meetings Committee meets four times a year. Its main purposes are to plan and preside over the framework of workshops, meetings and conferences that are organised by the Institute of Acoustics’ Secretariat and oversee the annual programme of these events. 


Chair: Mr Paul Shields FIOA

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The main activity is looking at all applications for membership, making recommendations to Council for the election of corporate members (FIOA and MIOA) and approving the election of non-corporate members (AMIOA, TechIOA, Affiliates and Students) and Sponsor members.

Senior Members Group

ChairMr Michael Sugiura MIOA

Secretary: Mr Mike Forrest MIOA

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The SMG was created at the behest of the Vice-President Groups and Branches 6 years ago when it was felt by the IOA that retired members, and those approaching retirement, were being neglected and were a resource of experience that should be utilised by the IOA.



Chair: Mr Daniel Goodhand MIOA

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The Publications Committee has responsibility for all publications that are produced by the IOA, including:

- Acoustics Bulletin
- Proceedings
- IOA website
- Members Register
- Buyers' Guide
- E-newsletter

Speech and Hearing

Chair: Dr Gordon Hunter MIOA

Secretary: Derek Nash MIOA

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The Speech and Hearing Group provides a forum for IOA members with an interest in acoustic aspects of speech and hearing. These include speech intelligibility, perception and production, hearing protection, audiology, assistive and other technologies for speech and hearing, and speech and language therapy.


Chair : Mr Daniel Saunders MIOA

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The Southern Branch was established with the aim of providing a local connection between the IOA and organisation members.

Research Co-ordination

Chair: Prof Abigail Bristow FIOA

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Mission and activities

The mission of the committee is to ‘improve the status and awareness of acoustics research in the UK and to improve communications between researchers’. The Committee meets twice a year to discuss various research matters. These matters include, but are not limited to, the following items: 


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