Certificate of Competence in Environmental Noise Measurement

Certificate of Competence in Environmental Noise Measurement

This five-day course seeks to provide delegates with a basic knowledge of the methodology of environmental noise measurement, including the use and accuracy requirements of sound level meters and analysers and to enable them be aware of the significance of measurement data against the framework of standards and legislation for environmental noise.

Students take the Certificate at an Accredited Centre. Attendance at the Centre is usually for four days, plus the examination day, which includes a practical test. Examinations are currently held at the Centres twice per year, in Spring and in Autumn. Most Centres run the course for the four days preceding the examination date.

Information on accredited centres and the syllabus is available through the links below - please see Centre List pdf file below for contact details of our accredited centres.

For further information on the Institute's educational programmes please contact education [at] ioa [dot] org [dot] uk

Examination Dates

Examination Date
CCENM 13 May 2022
  7 October 2022


IOA Accredited Centre:


Colchester Institute



University of Derby 



London South Bank University



University of Liverpool



KP Acoustics Research Labs



Shorcontrol Safety Ltd, Republic of Ireland 



Moloney & Associates - Acoustic and Environmental Consultants, Republic of Ireland



Ulster Environmental


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