Certificate of Proficiency in Anti-Social Behaviour etc (Scotland) Act 2004 - Noise Measurements

The ASBA course is approved by the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) and the Institute of Acoustics and relates to the implementation of the noise provisions of Anti-Social Behaviour Act in Scotland. It is designed to enable successful candidates to make and report the required noise measurements in a competent manner. For those without a prior qualification in acoustics and noise measurement recognised by REHIS and the IOA it is a five-day course. For those with such a qualification it is available as a one day refresher course (corresponding to the final day of the longer course).

The five-day version of the course seeks to provide delegates with a basic knowledge of the principles, terminology and methodology of neighbourhood noise measurements, including the use, calibration and accuracy requirements of sound level meters and to make them aware of the significance of resulting data in the context of the legislation.

Students take the certificate at accredited centre in Scotland (Bel Noise Courses in Hamilton). There is a written examination (Parts 1 and 2; only Part 2 is taken by candidates on the one-day course) and a practical test. Please see Centre List below for contact details of our accredited centres.

Examination Dates

ASBA For further information, please contact Bel Noise Courses as indicated below.


Accredited Centre List:

Bel Noise Courses 
Contact: Mr A Somerville FIOA
email: belnoisecourses [at] gmail [dot] com
Mobile: 07739 008068

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