Innovations Supplement

Innovations Supplement

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Alex-test shaida
Thu, 22/10/2020 - 12:53


The IOA has produced an Innovations supplement to promote the work of IOA members to professionals who work, or are indirectly involved in, some aspect of acoustics but are not currently IOA members.

Its purpose is to encourage discussions/thought leadership in acoustics to the wider ‘acoustics-related’ communities, and for engineers who touch on the areas of acoustics although it may not be their full-time occupation.

This will help to raise the profile of the IOA and educate and engage those working across the periphery of the acoustics industry, enabling professionals across the spectrum to work together.

The articles cover a broad and fascinating range of acoustics-related subjects including:

•       The role of acoustics in society, economy and environment;

•       Innovations in acoustic design for stadia and arenas;

•       The trials of the next generation accessible TV audio;

•       The growing usefulness of immersive technology; and

•       How technological development in noise sensing is opening up new opportunities in noise control in smart cities.

This supplement provides a useful insight to our diverse industry, encouraging non-member readers to understand how collaboration early on in projects is beneficial and how the IOA should be a first port of call for advice, education and information.

The supplement is free for anyone to download.   If you'd like a paper copy (subject to availability) or have any questions, you can contact the ioa by email:  ioa [at] ioa [dot] org [dot] uk