The need to reconcile what can be competing demands of sound insulation and ventilation has been one of the challenges faced by practitioners in this field for many years. The production of this document, which brings together guidance on acoustics and ventilation, is particularly timely given the concerns about climate change and the likely need to adapt our approach to design to account for it.
The Acoustics, Ventilation and Overheating Residential Design Guide provides an integrated approach to sustainable design for both thermal and acoustic comfort in our work and living spaces. The advice is needed in this period of increased urbanisation and the growth of heat islands, increased land costs and the demand for housing resulting, at times, in building closer to highways, industrial processes and flight paths than would be otherwise desirable. It should become the key guide for planners, designers, building services engineers, noise control engineers, consultants and regulators dealing with this issue.
It has been prepared by experts from all these sectors who have volunteered their valuable time and experience in producing this guide.
The Institute of Acoustics gratefully acknowledges the lead taken by the Association of Noise Consultants and is pleased to have been involved in the production of this Guide.