Response to Consultations

Response to Consultations


March 2021:

  • Changes to Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations for non-domestic buildings and dwellings, and overheating in new residential buildings

(From August 2021 Bulletin)

  • Environmental objectives for the spaceflight regulator (The Space Industries Act 2018)

(From May-June 2021 Bulletin)

November 2020

  • Potential planning reform in England

October 2020

  • The Future of aviation Noise Management: ICCAN’s emerging view.

(From March-April 2021 bulletin)

May 2020

  • Welsh Government’s call for evidence to support its review of TAN11

October 2019

  • Proposed changes to Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations (Future Homes Standard consultation)

(Also in May-June 2020 bulletin)

June 2019

  • Response to DfT’s Aviation 2050 – The Future of UK Aviation

(From September-October 2019 bulletin)

May 2018

April 2017

  • Response to the Green Paper Building Our Industrial Strategy

(From the March-April 2017 bulletin)

April 2016

  • Public Health Outcomes Framework

(From March-April 2016 bulletin)

September 2015

(From November-December 2015 Bulletin and the May-June 2016 Bulletin)

April 2014

  • Response to BB93’s replacement

(From August 2014 bulletin)


(Both reported in June 2014 Bulletin by the Environmental Noise Group)

Royal Academy of Engineering consultation on wind power.pdf